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Our Boost Coffee Co. vintage horse box is just the tip of the iceberg in our event coffee delivery. We provide superb bespoke coffee made by trained baristas, alongside delicious homemade cakes, with plenty of caffeine-free options and dairy free choices too. We always serve with a smile and like nothing more than to pass the time of day with our customers.


If you would like to treat your guests or clients we can provide an inclusive quote for you or we can come and trade at your event, just get in touch. The opportunities are endless for weddings, branded corporate events or private parties, we can discuss your options and find a solution perfect for you. Our vintage horse box looks great in any arena, we can’t wait to work with you!



Our coffee is roasted just for us by Wogan Coffee of Bristol, you won’t find anything like our ‘Boost Blend’ anywhere else. 100% Arabica, Organic and labelled Fairtrade, we know just where our coffee comes from and how it got to your cup.

You can buy Boost Blend in both bean and ground form from our shop, here.

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