Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is perfect for the summer months and this easy recipe takes no longer to brew than your regular coffee. It’s super versatile too, you can drink it black or white and you can store it in the fridge for later. Speciality coffee also, quite often tastes really different when cold, it’s an interesting experiment give it a go next time it’s hot out!

1. Gather your gear
You’ll need:
- Coffee
- Ice
- Cup
- Kettle with water
- Scales
- Spoon or scoop
- Timer
- Pitcher if you are making lots to store in the fridge!

1) Fill glass or jug with ice
Use lots of ice to cool the coffee quickly without melting all the ice straight away

2) Brew coffee however you normally brew
Use slightly more coffee than usual to the same amount of water as your drink will be diluted by the ice. Add your milk and sugar at this stage.

3) Allow coffee to cool
Cool coffee for 5 mins then pour over ice


Top Tips

To store make a few coffees or a large cafetiere then after totally cooling the coffee, store in the fridge for later, serve over the ice just before drinking.

You’ll find that your speciality coffee tastes super different when it’s cold compared to when it’s hot, we really like the differences, it’s another part of the coffee world to explore. Give it a whirl next time it’s too hot for a warm brew!

Happy brewing!

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