Barista Training

The love of brewing and serving coffee was where it all started for us and we still can’t get enough of the look on customer’s faces when we hand over a great cup of coffee! We’ve designed a one day course that combines the art of brewing espresso, pouring latte art, promotes good workflow and how to deliver great customer service whether the setting be a large or small cafe, hotel, restaurants or your new mobile venture.

We specialise in helping cafe’s go from strength to strength. In our experience, a solid knowledge of the coffee your staff are serving leads to a confident barista and great interactions with customers, who will come back time and time again. Our training covers all aspects of espresso, brewing and milk foaming plus trouble shooting of common problems so your baristas can fix issues on the fly.

We can travel to you and can supply all the coffee needed for the day or use your own.

The course is run by Rachael who has worked in both busy cafe environments as well as in mobile event settings, plu she is a qualified ‘Speciality Coffee Association Intermediate Barista’.

We are going to put it out there….. you don’t need to be using our coffee for us to train you! If you have a coffee that suits you and your customers then we are happy to work with that too.

Course Content

The one day course contains the following and can be further tailored to you and your business needs:

  • Coffee beans, overview of processing and how this affects flavour

  • Roast levels, extraction and flavour

  • Espresso machine operation and grinder settings

  • Daily ‘dialling in’ of coffee

  • Pulling espresso

  • Trouble shooting problems with grinding coffee and espresso pulling

  • Workflow and barista environment training

  • Steaming milk and introduction to latte art

  • Drink types/sizes

  • Customer service and team work

Email us to discuss your needs and find out what we can do to help you serve some banging coffee!

Bespoke Courses

We know that not everything fits into one box, if you’re not sure our course is right for you then we can create something unique. Maybe its just a staff refresher morning you need or maybe you’d like us to train new staff? Or you’d like to introduce other brew methods to your coffee menu, perhaps a seasonal filter coffee? Whatever it is, we are on hand to help. Let us know your thoughts and we can work with you to provide concise, informative and engaging training.

If it's just information and prices for our wholesale coffee you are after, then contact us using the contact form or head to our wholesale page using the top menu. Please message us for some samples if a coffee takes your fancy!

We look forward to working with you!

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