Coffee Support Package

Everything from the freshly roasted coffee, the training and ongoing support in one package so you can concentrate on all the other plates you have to keep spinning! We will set up your new Boost Coffee, train your staff for free or introduce them to the coffee if they are already great baristas, and be on hand to answer any questions over the coming months.

We can provide you with fresh, locally roasted coffee alongside barista training and cafe troubleshooting. Here to help, we aim to simply make serving great coffee one less thing that you have to think about. Our passion for coffee was born from a love of serving people a tasty cup of their favourite brew. Having worked in various cafes, both here and abroad, as well as running our own mobile coffee trailer we know how to serve great coffee, quickly and with professional and friendly customer service.

We specialise in helping cafe’s go from strength to strength. In our experience, a solid knowledge of the coffee your staff are serving leads to a confident barista and great interactions with customers, who will come back time and time again. Our training covers all aspects of espresso, brewing and milk foaming, plus trouble shooting of common problems so your baristas can fix issues on the fly.

To find out more about our wholesale offering or branded coffee, click here And if it's just the barista training you are after, the hit this link for course details.

Drop us an email or ask us for some coffee samples so we can work out how best to help you:

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