Our Story

We roast delicious blends of coffee and unique, seasonal micro-lots

Here at Boost, we got into coffee after experiencing the New Zealand coffee scene. On our return to the UK we soon realised we wanted to recreate some of that gorgeous cafe culture for ourselves. We set up a mobile barista event trailer and started experimenting with roasting coffee too.

Boost Coffee Co. is now a coffee roastery based in Drybrook in the Forest of Dean. Keen mountain bikers and gravel riders, we love being out on our bikes or off hiking with the doggo so we roast speciality coffee to boost ours and your adventures. We love nothing more than to fill up a flask and head for the hills, the coffees we choose are the perfect partners for getting ready to get outside, supping a flask on top of the hill or a post-adventure wind down.


Alongside delicious staple coffees, we roast some unique coffees from special micro-lots in batches of three. These three seasonal coffees change regularly and are selected to both complement and contrast each other, allowing you to join us on a taste journey, as well as coming from ethical sources. Just as we like to go on adventures, trying coffee in this way invites the drinkers on a coffee adventure too! Come with us to explore coffee, have an adventure and join the community!


Our Why

We believe in simplifying the complex and inspiring outdoors adventures


Our What

We roast tasty, speciality coffee with care, emphasising adventure, exploration and spending time outside


Our How

We only pick high quality coffees that compliment each other and feed our drive to be outside whether through taste or an ethos from the farms and growers


About us

Hi, I’m your roaster, Rachael. 

It's no secret that I love being outdoors, cycling mainly but we’re quite happy hiking up hills or mooching round the woods with the dog.

I love an adventure and this adventure in coffee is my favourite yet. My favourite thing is to experience different coffees side by side, it's such a journey with its own ups and downs - it’s always exciting.