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Adventure - Brazil

Adventure - Brazil

Direct trade Brazilian single origin - Fazenda Bom Jesus, Sao Paulo

Our first direct trade coffee, we work with Cal from Cals Coffee in bringing this sweet Brazilian to your cup. The farm owned by Gabriel and Flavia Lancha de Oliveira is called Fazenda Bom Jesus, here the coffee produced has a bright and remarkable acidity with hints of chocolate and walnuts. It leaves a very light and pleasant aftertaste, notes of brown sugar as it cools make it a naturally sweet cup. Cal has even visited us at the roastery to explain more about the origins of our Bom Jesus coffee and how to get the best from it when we roast. Fazenda Bom Jesus is located in Cristais Paulistas in the Alta Mogiana Region, here there is a large farm and processing station where the family both grow and oversee the quality control of their own coffee as they get it ready for sale. The direct nature of the trading means no co-operative or middlemen, so more of the money goes directly to the farmer.

From the UK, Cal is their nephew and works directly with the family farms and their three processing stations, ensure that great quality coffee reaches us.

We love knowing exactly where our coffee comes from, how it got to our cup and that a fair price was paid for it. We gave the coffee the name, Adventure, as it marks another milestone on our coffee adventure, connecting directly with the farmers that grow our coffee.

Cupping notes - Walnut, Maple, Chocolate, Brown Sugar
SCA Score - 85
Altitude - 1,270m
Process - Natural
Varietal - Castillo and Colombia
Certifications - Rainforest Alliance

Brew Me

Espresso - 18g coffee into 36g of espresso in 30 seconds

Filter -1:16, use 19g of coffee and 300ml of water

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