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Boost Brew Kit - Clever Dripper

Boost Brew Kit - Clever Dripper

All you need to start brewing with the Clever Dripper, including the coffee to brew and filter papers too. choose from any of our coffees to include in the kit, it’ll come ground ready for use.

Kit includes the Clever Dripper, pack of 100 Filtropa filter papers and a 250g bag of coffee.


What is a Clever Dripper?

This is a filter coffee brewer, it’s a bit like a cross between a V60 and a cafetiere. Simply put the coffee into the cone-shaped brewer with a filter paper and top up with water. The coffee brews as it does in a cafetiere. When you are ready stand the brewer on the cup, this opens the tap on the bottom and allows the coffee into the cup, the coffee passes through the filter, leaving fewer oils and solids in the cup, just like a V60.

The great thing here is that you really don’t need to pour water carefully as you might in a V60, making it an easier transition into brewing speciality coffee in a different way, no special kettle required for great results!


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