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Boost Coffee Co.

Boost Blend

Boost Blend

Our House Roast

Our ‘ house espresso roast' is a blend of seasonal coffees, this coffee is a go-to crowd pleaser. Devised by us to taste great as an espresso, it’s particularly good with milk, making a punchy flat white and smooth latte. It’s your go-to coffee, a tasty morning camp brew, a ‘get me through this ride’ espresso and a post hike cappucino. We brew this coffee as an espresso, in a moka pot or an Aeropress but it’ll also go well in a cafetiere.

Currently, we are blending beans from Brazil along with a seasonal addtion. The main component of the blend is a ‘direct trade’ Brazilian from Cals Coffee - Sao Lucas, farmed by Lucas Lancha de Oliveira from Ribeirao Corrente, Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo. This coffee has tasting notes of chocolate, peanut, creamy, sweet, its a vibrant cup.

So, what does direct trade mean? The direct nature of the trading means no co-operative or middlemen, so more of the money goes directly to the farmer.

What else is good about the coffee?

  • It’s super fresh - Cal receives two containers a month from Brazil and we have a monthly delivery from him - fresh coffee, always

  • We roast this coffee freshly each and every week for you and the cafes that serve our coffee

  • The farm has its own processing station meaning it has full control of the coffee from plant to bag, rather than leaving it in the hands of another company at a shared processing station, the quality control will be higher

  • Cal oversees the shipping of our coffee so we know no harm (damp, too hot, too cold etc) comes to it on its journey from Brazil

  • We talk to Cal and the farmers about how to roast the coffee to ensure it tastes its best!

250g bag - resealable


Brew Me

Espresso - 18g coffee into 40g of espresso in 30-35 seconds

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