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Swiss Water Decaf - Costa Rica

Swiss Water Decaf - Costa Rica

Costa Rican Swiss Water Decaf

Great as a filter or an espresso based drink, this decaf from Costa Rica is nutty, full of caramel with a touch of nougat sweetness. A great coffee for those times when caffeine is out of the question but you’d like to take five minutes to relax with a coffee.

A speciality Swiss Water Decaf this coffee has been processed to remove the caffeine without using any chemicals and in an environmentally friendly way. It also helps to maintain the bean's distinctive origin and flavour characteristics meaning you get great tasting, fresh coffee that hasn’t been unduly messed with.

The producers of this coffee come from Cafe De Altura, a co-operative formed in 2004 with 500 members, in order to better face the challenges of a changing industry. The co-operative has since grown and now represents closer to 3500 individual producers. Coffee from the West Valley is sold under the name “El Poeta” which is where this lot can be traced.

250g bag - resealable and recyclable

Location - San Ramon

Altitude - 1,000-1,500m

Process - Swiss Water Decaf

Varietal - Catuai/Caturra


Brew Me

Espresso - 20g coffee into 40g of espresso in 30-35 seconds

Filter - 1:16 ratio. Brew 19g of coffee with 300ml of water

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