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Tenacious - Peru

Tenacious - Peru

Peruvian Single Origin - Maribel Herrera LOT#1, San Antonio, Huabal

Batch No. 5 - celebrating coffee from female producers

Maribel Herrera Torres is a coffee producer from San Antonio, Huabal. She owns 2 hectares of land and grows caturra and catuai varieties. Maribel has started processing all of her coffee as naturals after seeing that it greatly improved the quality of her coffee, compared to washed and honey processes. Maribel and her family process the coffee themselves, this involves picking the ripe cherries and then thoroughly washing them before placing them on lined patios to dry for 25 days before its bagged up.

Huabal is a district within the Jaén province of Cajamarca that spans two mountains and has a huge amount of potential for quality coffee as long as producers work to unlock the potential and overcome the huge variation in altitude range and the poor infrastructure, consequently the land management issue that arise due to this. Some areas have wet, humid conditions and red, African-like soils and others dry and hot. This all contributes to diverse and delicious cup profiles and some very complex coffees.

Maribel shows great tenacity in the way she produces her coffee, determined to persevere and produce some amazing coffees that really stand out from the crowd.

Another complex coffee this single origin makes a filter coffee that you will never get bored of drinking! Perfect for the Aeropress, cafetiere or any pour over method.

Batch No. 5 consists completely of coffees from female farmers. Each has a name that both relates to the farmer herself and are also words that we strive to live by and to be as women.

Cupping notes - Dark chocolate, almond and toffee apple

SCA Score - 86

Altitude - 1,700m

Process - Washed

Varietal - Caturra and Catuai

250g bag - resealable

Brew Me Tips

V60 Pour Over - 1:16 ratio. Brew 19g of coffee with 304g of water for a full mug

Cafetiere - 1:13 ratio. Brew 60g of coffee with about 800g of water in a 1L cafetiere

Espresso - 18g of coffee to 40g espresso in 30 seconds

Iced coffee - Brew as above but use this weight of coffee: 25g of coffee in a V60, 80g in a cafetiere, remembering final drink will be dilated by the ice

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